Webinar – Breast Surgery: fixing breast asymmetry with implants

Led by Dr. Muñoz, the upcoming webinar promises a deep dive into breast asymmetry correction using breast implants, with a special focus on revision cases. Dr. Muñoz, a renowned expert in the field, will share invaluable insights on understanding how to approach breast asymmetry cases and providing attendees with a nuanced perspective on tailored corrective strategies.

The webinar will showcase Dr. Muñoz’s extensive experience in patient assessment, implants used, and personalized aesthetic preferences in achieving optimal outcomes in primary and secondary cases.

The session will include:

  • In-depth discussions on this topic.
  • Show some before and after results.
  • Case studies featuring Dr. Muñoz’s successful outcomes in asymmetry correction and challenging revision cases will be a focal point, providing participants with tangible examples to enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Clínica con profesionales en la cirugia estetica facial

Dr. Joaquim Muñoz is a graduate in Medicine from the University of Barcelona. He is a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery certified by the Ministry of Health.

His professional career began as a specialist physician in plastic surgery at the Plastic Surgery Department of Bellvitge Hospital and the Breast Functional Unit of Duran i Reynals Hospital (Catalan Institute of Oncology). He has been a full member of the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgery since 2011.

Currently, he practices at Clínica Diagonal and HM Delfos Hospital, where he is recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons for his innovative techniques worldwide.

He is a pioneer in the application of minimally invasive techniques in oncological and reconstructive breast cancer surgery. He developed the endoscopic technique for elevating the latissimus dorsi flap for partial defects post-oncological surgery of the breast. He is also an expert in lipedema and other medical procedures linked to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

He is a speaker at international breast courses and a member of their scientific committees. In addition, he holds a Master’s degree in Breast Pathology and Oncological Gynecology from the University of Barcelona (2014). He has several publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Member of several societies, including SECPRE and ISAPS.

Do not miss the opportunity to join this webinar and know more about asymmetry cases in breast surgery.